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The Benefits of Burdock Root and Elderberries

Burdock root and elderberries are two powerhouse combos for boosting the immune system, detoxing your blood and revitalizing your body. If you've heard of sea moss, you probably know it contains 92 of the 102 minerals necessary for the human body, meanwhile burdock root possesses 102 nutrients and minerals. Historically, elderberries have been used to treat headaches, pain relief and swelling. Many studies have shown positive results of burdock root having anti-inflammatory and blood purifying properties, while studies from elderberries have shown benefits to respiratory infections.  Check out the many uses of these herbs.


The benefits may include:

  • Natural diuretic

  • Strong antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-inflammation properties

  • High in vitamin A, B, C

  • Helps regulate blood sugar

  • Easing cold symptoms and respiratory health

  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Promotes heart health

  • Fighting cancer

  • Allergy relief

Burdock Root

The benefits may include:

  • Blood purifying properties

  • Improving digestion and gut health

  • Anti-inflammation, antioxidant,

  • Reduces the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, certain cancers, and arthritis

  • Natural diuretic

  • High in fiber

  • Improving liver and kidney

Elderberry and Burdock Root Uses

  • Tincture

  • Capsules

  • Tea

  • Herbal infused Ice

  • Smoothie and juice blend

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Who Should Avoid

  • Avoid if you are dehydrated,

  • Avoid if you are on any diuretic, blood thinner or diabetes medication.

  • Avoid if you have an allergy to ragweed.

  • Avoid if you have had any recent surgery or upcoming surgery.

  • Avoid if you have/had pancreatitis

  • Avoid if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

Consult a medical professional for advice before any consumption.

Risks and Side Effects

At high doses, elderberries can cause nausea and vomiting, cramps, and/or stomach pains. One may also have an allergic reaction to the pollen on the flower.

Recommended Dosage

Capsules: 1-2 capsules daily, approximately 1000 mg daily

Extract/Tincture: ¼-½ teaspoon daily

Tea Blend: 1 gram twice daily.

Both dried elderberries and burdock root should not be consumed at high doses. It is recommended to consume 100mg-1000mg per day for 1-4 months with 2-3 week breaks in between each month.

Make herbal infused ice and add to your beverage

Other Facts about Elderberries and Burdock Root

  • Burdock root can be peeled and eaten raw, cooked, or dehydrated. Elderberries can only be eaten when cooked or dehydrated.

  • Burdock root oil may also thicken hair when applied to the scalp.

  • Burdock root can also be made into a cream for acne and detoxing skin.

  • Burdock root can be used to help relieve acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

  • You can mix burdock root into your soups, stews, and salads.

  • Certain elderberries are toxic to humans. Elderberries contain compounds such as, cyanogenic glycosides, lectins and alkaloids. These compounds are vary from high to low and of course black elderberries have the lowest.

  • Red elderberries contain more of the compounds that are toxic to humans leading to intense stomach pains. I recommend to always use the black elderberries.

  • Elderberries can also be used as jellies, jams, syrup, and wine.

  • Elderberry flowers can also be used in teas and wine.

  • It is recommended to never consume raw or properly uncooked elderberries, seeds, leaves, stem, flower because of its high toxicity to humans.

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