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Fermented Garlic and Honey Remedy: Immune Booster

Garlic and honey have many beneficial properties. It's easy to make and it lasts a long time. These 2 simple ingredients alone have been used for over hundreds of years.

Benefits May Include
  • Immune boosting properties

  • Anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties

  • Fights against sore throat, coughs, flu, and colds

  • Alleviate asthma symptoms

  • Improves heart health

Other Recommended Ingredients (Pictured above)

Raw Ginger: which can treat runny nose and cough

Raw White or Red Onion: which can clear out mucus, increase electrolytes, soothes sore throat

Raw Turmeric: which can be great for digestion and work as a blood purifier

Recommended Tools

Glass Jar


Raw Garlic


How to Make
  • Peel garlic.

  • Crush or cut garlic. (optional). Crushing the garlic helps speed the fermentation process because the liquid is released.

Whatever size jar you have, it is recommended to fill the peeled garlic half way. If you wish to add the other recommended ingredients listed above, you should still fill it into the jar half way.

  • Add honey until it completely covers the garlic. The garlic may float on top a bit but that's okay.

  • Seal tightly and turn the jar upside down for about 3 minutes.

  • Turn right side up and open slightly to "burp" and release the gases (CO2) and tighten again.

  • Place in a cool and dark place.

For 4-5 days, you must continue to burp the jar by opening slightly and cover the garlic, or simply leave it open slightly consistently and cover the herbs with honey. After 5 days you can either place it in the fridge or leave it in a cool, dark place for fermentation. Placing it in the refrigerator will help it last longer. After the first month you can either strain it or leave it as it is.

Tips and Tricks

Everyday, you must ensure that the garlic is covered by the honey.

You can do this by using any of these methods:

  • Open the jar and stir it enough to cover the garlic and/or other ingredients.

  • Close the lid tightly and shake vigorously.

  • Close the lid tightly and turn up side down for 3 minutes.

Fermented Garlic and Honey can last for many months, even years if stored properly and shaken occasionally. Some say to keep the cap loose, some say to keep it tightly. Me personally, I shake the jar and then leave the cap on loose stored at room temperature. (Haven't had any problems)

  • Drink a teaspoon.

  • Add it a meal.

  • Make a marinade.

  • Add it to your salad.

  • Glaze it onto your meat. (Example: Chicken or beef)

  • Add it to your stir fry veggies.

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