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The Herbal Guru
 I'm just a spiritually inclined herbalist, mother, entrepreneur and humanitarian. 

I am a free-spirited introvert and a self-taught herbalist of 7 years I'm a NYC girly and I didn't really grow up around plants, but I always loved being in nature. When I travel, I'm more interested in the "countryside" over the city life. I'm looking for the waterfalls and open fields, not the club (although nothing is wrong with that. It's just not for me) 😊 Learning and studying nature ended up being a second nature to me. This quickly became a passion because I was also in a spiritual transition and gaining a new respect for Mother Earth. 

This blog is a source that I use to spread good health and share my knowledge. I cover topics on the many different uses of plants, share my recipes, and DIYs. Studying and using herbal medicine began at home, which led me to starting my herbal apothecary business, The Herbal Guru. I have special interests in using herbs for physical support and spiritual practices.

I am looking forward to my Youtube Channel where I will identify plants, forage, and more!



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