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The Importance of Fasting: Here's How to Start

Fasting is an underrated method to heal your body internally and spiritually. There are many spiritual benefits to fasting, no matter your religion, spiritual practice of way of life. The physical benefits to fasting is also incredible, causing weight loss, clearing brain fog, reducing the size of tumor and more.

To begin, What is Fasting?

Fasting is simply going without food for a certain amount of time. It can be at your own discretion, as well as your spiritual practice. As you are fasting your body may also be detoxing parasites and unhealthy substances resulting in rejuvenation.

Fasting can also be seen as abstaining from meat, fish, sugars, video games, marijuana, alcohol and any other indulgences. I always believed that too much of anything is a bad thing whether it be mentally or physically. Sometimes it's good to just step away from our favorite things and do without.

the benefits of fasting

Types of Fasts

The duration of any fast should be used at your own discretion:

Religious Fasts: In the Islam practice, Muslims fast during Ramadan. Ramadan is one month long, and Muslims must abstain from food, drink, sex, and smoking from dawn to sunset. This is said to help have a better relationship with Allah/God.

Water/Fruit Fast: Refrain from all foods except water and/or fruit.

Partial Fast: Stay away from certain foods for an extended amount of time or restrict the times of day you do eat. For example, most people eat and/or have their coffee within the hour of waking up. Instead, if you wake up at 8:00 AM fast until 12 PM.

Eat Stop Eat: This includes fasting for a 24 hour period once or twice a week. To ease into this fast if you are a beginner, start with a 15 hour fast.

Spiritual Fast: This is led intuitively, whether it be intuitive eating or fasting at your own intuitive discretion, resulting in enhancing meditation and deepening spiritual consciousness.

Fasting Retreats: There are many retreats worldwide that promotes fasting and holistic wellness. They can assist in fasting safely and achieve your goals.

How to Begin your Fast

  • Ease into it. If you do not fast regularly, I recommend the partial fast or eat stop eat; Start slow though... maybe 8-12 hours then increase as you see fit.

  • If you are on any medications, it is recommended to discuss with your physician.

  • Eat more fruit and drink more water.

  • First thing to consume when you wake up should be fruit, water, or tea.

  • Journal. Write down how long you've fasted, your emotions, your goals etc.

  • Discuss any concerns with a healthcare provider.

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