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African American Hoodoo: Herbs for Magic

These herbs as well as many others are considered magical from a Hoodoo practitioner's standpoint. Herbs have many spiritual and medicinal properties. Click the link, What is Hoodoo to learn more about this spiritual practice. These listed herbs have lots of potential to show their magic in their own way. In Hoodoo many of these tools are guided spiritually by one's ancestors and spirit team. The more intentions you put behind an herb the more powerful the work becomes. Each herb is used for your specific intention but many of these herbs have been passed down from generation to generation as traditions. Below are other uses of herbs to use in root work:

herbs used in hoodoo

Bay Leaves

  • A Manifestation Tool

  • Writing on it and burning it

  • Purification

  • Attracts money

  • Florida Water Infusion

  • Oils of intention


  • Conjuring Tool

  • Able to improve spiritual gifts

  • Enhances astral projection

  • Brings intuitive clarity

White Sage

  • Spiritual wand to get rid of negativity

  • Cleansing and purification

  • Florida water use


  • Attracts wealth and good luck

  • Brings Prosperity

  • Enhance manifestations

  • Opens roads and brings clarity


  • Great for Divination

  • A conjuring tool

  • Uses of protection

  • Cleansing properties

Mustard Seeds

  • Represents faith

  • Enhances your power and manifestations

  • Brings prosperity and protection


  • Spellwork use

  • Protection


  • Enhances divination

  • Brings positive energy

Rose of Jericho

  • Brings wealth

  • Brings good luck

To learn more about hoodoo spells, please click here

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