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The Spiritual Practice of Hoodoo: Herbs for Banishing

To banish someone does not mean to cause harm. Banishing spells may be towards someone's bully, abuser, stalker, or someone with ill intent. Hoodoo is also one's journey between themselves and their ancestors, so herbs, spells and rituals are used at your own discretion.

How to Use Some Herbs:

Black Salt: Place it in each corner of your home.

White Sage: With a dried herbal stick or smudge sticks, light it and walk through your home cleansing the energy.

Black Pepper: Use in rituals of protection or candle magic by dressing the candle in black pepper and/or other herbs.

Table Salt: Put salt and vinegar in your mop bucket and clean your home.

*When you perform a banishing spell or ritual, you always add protection to also enhance the work. Your spiritual journey is yours and yours only and there may be repercussions to one's actions, whether it be yours or someone else.

Use at your own discretion. If you feel uneasy, discontinue any use and consult a qualified professional.

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